Judy Sanderson

"We all know that exercise and eating healthy will result in weight loss. The difficulty is feeling motivated to stick to it! Since I joined Afterburn Performance Fitness Center and have lost 22 lbs., I feel I can truly achieve my weight loss goal! I get support from the Afterburn team and I have made friends through my weight loss journey. I know I can do it!"


Jason  45 pounds LIGHTER and 25 inches SMALLER!! In only 16 weeks.


23 pounds lighter in 3 months! 


Duane 28 Pounds LOSS and 14 Inches Smaller!! In ONLY 42 Days.



Courtney  12 Pounds LIGHTER and 6 Inches SMALLER!! In only 42 days. 


Amanda  10 pounds LIGHTER and 6 inches SMALLER!! In only 42 days.