What’s the Best Way to Exercise?


This is a debate that I hear almost everyday. What is the best form of exercise and where is the best place to go? So many trainers say that their style and brand is the best, but is it? Bootcamp, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Yoga, Zumba, Small Group training, Athletic training, running, swimming. There are many different styles and ways to get fit and healthy. Which one is the best for you? And WHERE is the best place to go?


The answer: WHAT EVER IS THE BEST FOR YOU!  You need to do what is best for you, to be able to accomplish your personal goals. Ask yourself – “which place and style of training will best help me get to my overall goal?”. Which one would you like doing? If you want to be a bodybuilder, then you should train like a bodybuilder. If you like the atmosphere of a ‘big box gym’, then that is the place that you should train. Some people like the smaller gyms, and feel more comfortable there, and they may also like to do group classes. Some people like to be social, while others may not want to talk to anyone, and just want to get in and out as fast as they can.


Let your goal be YOUR goal. Do your best to have fun, and enjoy yourself while doing it. That is the only way to truly be successful in “staying fit.” Try different programs and places to see what best fits YOUR needs.


I do believe it is best to have some form of cardio, flexibility and strength training. This will make sure you’re covering all angles. They all have benefits, and are very important for your overall health. When looking at a program though, you need to look for a balance with all of those three things. If all you do is lift weights, but no flexibility or mobility work, you will find your body starting to get tight. Your body will start to lose it’s range of motion, which will then lead to injuries. If you ONLY do cardio, and no strength training, then you may find yourself losing bone density, muscle mass and strength as you age.


The key is to do more of what you LOVE to do, and then add some of the stuff that will increase your overall health. The best program and place, is the one that will make you feel good, and keep you focused on your goals. Find what you like, and stick with it! Get yourself a good coach, and someone that will keep you accountable.


I think that everything is great as long as the person is pain free, staying safe and keeping active. SO PLEASE do what works for you, there are SOOOO many different types and places to stay fit. Just remember, do not work out if it’s causing you pain, and make sure to keep a balance on cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility! It is the best approach that you can have. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

My Mission is to help others achieve their goals by educating , empowering  and inspiring them. To live a joyful, healthy,  balanced lifestyle and live life on their terms.

Terry Blizzard