How to Eat While You Travel


Since I was doing some traveling this week, I thought that this would be something great to blog about. So many people struggle with how to eat healthy while they are on the road. We get this question time and time again. We also get every excuse as to why someone can’t eat healthy while they’re on the road. Health does not take a vacation guys! Just because you’re on the road, does not mean that you can’t eat right! The same thing goes for working out while travelling.


The most important thing here, is to PLAN AHEAD and be prepared for certain obstacles. The first thing that I do when I am booking a trip, is to look at nearby restaurants, and check that they serve healthy menu items. I take time to plan, so that I will not fail with my nutrition. It’s important to be in control and plan well in advance. For this trip, I happen to be staying next to “Cora’s restaurant”. I looked at the menu, and there are many healthy choices for breakfast and lunch. When looking for a place to stay, I look for what is nearby with HEALTHY options.


Now, with “Airbnb” being so competitive with pricing compared to regular hotels, you can book a small apartment, with a fully equipped kitchen, so that you are able to cook some meals. This will also save you money from not eating out every meal, and you can take a trip to the grocery store to purchase your food for the days that you are staying.


Another thing that I like to do, is bring my healthy snacks along with me, or have a plan to go get some at grocery store as soon as I arrive. I pick up some healthy snack options like apples, oranges, etc. Then I pick up some ‘good fats’ like almonds or walnuts. I make sure that I purchase water, so that I always have enough to get me through the day. I also travel with my protein powder, so I’m able to make some quick shakes for snacks. So, for my morning, I can do a protein shake, with a piece of fruit, and afternoon snack can be a shake with walnuts. KEEP IT SIMPLE FOLKS.


With breakfast, for the most part being an easy meal to stay healthy for, you can order egg white omelettes, oatmeal, fruit, thin sliced multigrain bread. Your snack is already taken care of, and now you just need to focus on lunch and dinner. I always plan on getting a lean protein like chicken breast, and have a salad with it. Remember, always get your salad dressing on the side. Then for the evening I will have a good carb like rice or potato, and again, with a lean protein.



Also, don’t forget to get your work outs in, even if they are not long!  A quick full body circuit and 15 minutes of cardio, if you’re not walking all day. Kill the excuses, and take care of your body even when you’re on vacation. You should definitely let loose on your trip, and order an extra dessert, and even have your favourite drink if you want. Just be in control, and plan it out! The biggest mistake that people make, is that they don’t plan ahead, this makes them feel like they have lost control. I hope this helps!  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Terry Blizzard