How is your day today? Are you having a bad day? What do you consider to be a bad day? I just wanted to start off with a few questions to get you thinking, and maybe help put some perspective on what ‘a bad day’ really is. Is a bad day when you get a flat tire? Or when you get milk instead of cream in your coffee? Or how about if you’re running late for work, and get stuck behind a train?

I always like to mention to everyone: there are so many people would give anything to have YOUR bad day. It’s true, a lot of us out there, are majoring in minor things. Our entire day gets thrown off if one little thing does not go our way. I want people to read this, and really start to be grateful for your health, and the health of your loved ones. This is something that I remind myself time and time again if I feel like I’m having an off day, which we all go through. We are human, and yes, sometimes you’re going to have a bad day, but the goal is to see the good in your life 99% of the time. We are all allowed to experience and have a day that we just don’t seem to feel ourselves.

A few things that you can do to make most of your days in life great:

  1. Start your day with naming at least 3 things that you are grateful for. It would be even best if you write them down in a journal. It is very hard to have a bad day if you are grateful for the small and easy things in your life.
  2. Give back and help others. There is no better feeling then helping others in life. Once again, it’s very hard to have a bad day when you’re helping others. Your body releases all kinds of good hormones when you are helping people.
  3. Write down three things that you’re good at every day. We all need a little boost of self-confidence, and it’s great to remind yourself what you’re good at. 🙂
  4. Watch and listen to positive messages. Whether you use YouTube, podcast or books. Make sure that you’re putting good things in your head daily. Even if it’s 5-10 minutes every day. It’s best to do this when you wake up, and before you go to bed.
  5. Deep breathings habits. Your breathing can help with many things, and one of them is stress and fight or flight. It is important to learn proper breathing mechanics to help support your stress management. You can do this a few ways, and I will post a few links at the bottom that you can click on, to see the proper way.

Just 5 small steps that can start to help you change your perspective on life. It’s not that you shouldn’t feel certain things or a certain way, it’s more like you’ll be training your mind (just like you can train muscles), to stay positive. You can build a great attitude, and you must build and create good habits.

Next time something throws your day off, just stop and think for a minute. There may be someone going through a life or death illness right now. Or there could be people that are dealing with a critical illness with their loved ones. You see people that lose everything that  they have in an instance, because of a crazy weather problem. I’m sure that your flat tire or your wrong order is not that big of a deal.

Remember don’t hope you’re going to have a good day, demand it of yourself. We are all here for a short time, and there is no reason to be wasting it on small pointless things in life.  Thanks, everyone who took the time to read this blog, if you have any questions about this, or other wellness topics, please email me or call. 506-652-9355

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Terry Blizzard