Keto, Intermittent fasting, Atkins, Ideal Protein, time restricted eating, vegan, vegetarian, carb cycling, Mediterranean diet, blood type, paleo and so on. Just some of the different diets that I see daily. Trainers, nutritionists, scientists, and many others are weighing in on which is the best food plan. So which one is best? The answer is: whatever agrees with YOU and fits YOUR lifestyle.

The key is to find something that works for you and to stick with it. I have been in this industry for 19 years, and on average I hear about 2-3 different break through diets every single year. Then, every year, I see many people jumping from meal plan to meal plan, program to program, hoping that they found a miracle diet that will work for them.

For the most part, all plans are great. I think that most diets must be tweaked though, in order to fit people’s lifestyles and needs. People will watch their friend lose weight, and automatically think that their meal plan will work for them. You must remember: even if the food is healthy, it doesn’t mean that it will agree with your gut.

So, here’s some advice to you:

  1. Make sure the foods that you are eating, agree with you. A lot of people now have food intolerances or allergies. It’s very important to journal, and keep track of anything that might be upsetting your stomach, or making you feel not quite yourself.


  1. Do not restrict your calories!! This may be one of the biggest problems that I see over the past few decades. People are taking their calories lower and lower, trying to get leaner and leaner. It always, ALWAYS back fires. Here is a simple calculation on how much you should be eating. This is not set in stone, and many things may affect it, but I want to show you that most people may not be eating enough.


  1. They only do half of the plan. Another issue that I find is that people will only do what half of what the plan says. Then, they make up the other half, and wonder why it doesn’t work. If you’re going to do a plan, then you need to dedicate yourself to that plan for a certain amount of time. Only at that time if it doesn’t work, you should consult with a professional.


  1. They cut their carbs. Personally, I believe it never ends well if people cut their carbs. Cutting back is one thing, but cutting them out completely usually backfires. If you cut your carbs out, then when you go to introduce carbs back again, you will put on weight, and even some more weight on top of that. Your body needs carbs, and if you eliminate them then your body will make you pay for it when you try and reintroduce them again.

So, remember there is no magical diet plan, and if there was, we would all be doing it. Everyone is different, and genetics, environment, and hormones play a HUGE part in what is the right fit for you. My best advice is seeking out a professional who you trust, and will not give you only one thought process. Talk to somebody who can explain the different diets, and is neutral in helping you decide. Make sure that you journal, and keep working with your coach to tweak the plan along the way. Most plans do work if they are a fit for you, and no matter what anyone tells you, there is no perfect diet.

If you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to comment or send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer.


Terry Blizzard