Mid Way Evaluation


It’s hard to believe that we are coming up on the HALF WAY point of this year. I know at the start of January, we are all ready to go with some goals and actions to help us achieve the best year of our life. We start off strong with all the positive intent in the world to get everything done. Then, shortly after, and maybe even a few weeks in, we start to slip a bit. Then we become even more slack, and suddenly, we are not getting up and going after what we want anymore. It’s a fact that even after just the first week into January, that 27% have already slipped on their goals. By week two, we are at about 31%, and an outstanding 80% have stopped chasing their goal by FEBRUARY.  To top it all off, research shows that only 8% of people will reach their goals.

It’s a vicious cycle that happens over and over. So, I want to get your mind thinking again, and see where you’re at with the goals that you set 6 months ago. Let’s revaluate, and come up with another action plan. If you are still on track and killing this year, CONGRATS to you and keep up the amazing work! If you have fallen off, and haven’t committed to your goals, then let’s get back up and restart. Here is what I want you to do:


  1. Keep it simple – Too many times we make things much more complicated than need be. Do yourself a favor and keep it simple. Success does not have to be difficult.
  2. Set yourself 2-3 goals that you want to focus on for the rest of the year. Then break those down into monthly and weekly goals. The last step is to write down what you need to do every day to achieve those goals.
  3. Learn how to accept mistakes. The most successful people have failed the most. Did you know that 71% of the people who were successful in keeping their goals, ended up slipping up the first month or so? Remember- all failures are just learning experiences.
  4. See the finish line, and not the hard work that it takes to get there. If you focus on how hard it is to get to your goal, you will pretty much talk yourself out of doing anything. You need to think of it as if you’re going somewhere far away for a trip. It’s more of a destination, rather than the long plane rides, packed airports and layovers along the way. Think of the nice sunny beach, with great food waiting at the other end.
  5. Find a coach or partner to help keep you accountable. It has been proven over time that people who hire coaches, or who have an accountability partner, are far more likely to succeed. This is why every now and then I will hire someone to help me achieve my goals.


Well there you have it!  A quick post to help you focus on getting back on track. So, let’s look at what you wrote down at the first of the year, and see where you’re at. Then let’s lay out a plan of action, and a time line for you to get your original goals accomplished. We have another 6 months to get there! (Still lots of time to do it)` Just remember to keep it simple, and put in some MASSIVE ACTION. If you need to talk to someone about having a coach, let me know. If I cannot help you, I will point you in the right direction. It’s all about getting started, so take out your phone or a piece of paper, and write down your top 3 things that you will achieve by 2019. Have a great day everyone